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Monday 2nd October 2017 (3:00-6:00 pm)

Workshop Title: An Introduction to the Raspberry Pi 3, SenseHat and Python Programming Language

Intended Audience: This workshop is aimed at participants with little to no experience in using this technology.

Description: This workshop is designed as an introductory to the Raspberry Pi 3 and SenseHat hardware, and the Python Programming language. Workshop attendees will gain skills on programming the Raspberry Pi and obtaining environmental data from the built-in sensors on the SenseHat. Time permitted we will explore the use of Computer Vision with the Raspberry Pi.

(Please note that numbers are limited)

Organiser: Istvan Lengyel is a Senior Lecturer and programme coordinator at EIT and Director of Sparking Minds. As a Senior Lecturer and programme coordinator at EIT, Istvan has been teaching topics around Virtual Networking, Cloud Computing and Operating Systems. Just this year Istvan developed EIT’s new Level 3 Computing Programme that introduced Trades Academy students to robotics, electronics, programming and design.

As a Director for Sparking Minds, Istvan established this business over three years ago introducing free fortnightly workshops to introduce high school students to electronics, programming and design. This has now been expanded into term based holiday programmes, while still offering free workshops that are now monthly.

Istvan has worked in the IT industry for 27 years and has been teaching at EIT for 7 of those years.  Istvan’s interests are in Computer Vision, Machine Learning and the Internet of Things.

Tuesday 3rd October 2017 (2:00- 5.30pm)

Workshop Title: The silent D in IT: Creating inclusive technologies for a global audience

Intended Audience: IT educators, product managers, and developers

Description: Thirty years ago, the consumption of technology was isolated to a subset of the general population – the techies, geeks, inventors, computer science hobbyists and academics. Personal computers, and smartphones, changed all that: today, there are around 5 billion mobile phone users on the
planet, each one interacting with technology on a daily basis.

As creators of this technology, the change in user demographics from being predominantly technologists, to predominantly not, represents a significant shift in requirements for the technology products that we produce. It is no longer sufficient to produce cool tech, or neat
algorithms – as creators of technology, there is an increasing need to create awareness of the ordinary citizen pressing the buttons on your app.

In this workshop, Anna and David will lead a hands-on exploration of the design factors that modern technology graduates need to be aware of. These “silent D” factors generally fall outside of mainstream IT and Computer Science curricula, yet have a huge impact on the usability and adoption of technology in a global context. The workshop will not set out to turn the audience into designers, but rather, raise awareness of the pedagogical elements that should be considered for inclusion in a modern IT didactic, both within the academy and in industry.


Dr Anna Harrison ( web | LinkedIn )
Anna Harrison is an award winning speaker, author and designer. Anna leads the UX design and innovation practice at Ephox, makers of TinyMCE, and has recently co-founded Indyco , an education venture focussed on delivering practical and street-smart design skills to non-design audiences. Indyco represents a lifetime of passion for people, design and technology that has taken Anna on many adventures around the globe. In the last few decades, Anna has helped organisations like WordPress, IBM, Oracle, NICTA, Unisys and major airports convert dreams and visions into tangible products. Anna regularly contributes to the international Design + Technology scene through speaking engagements and her From Scholar to Dollar and Think Fast, Look Good and Influence series of university based workshops. Connect with Anna at @inplaneterms

Dr David Wood ( web | LinkedIn )
David Hyland-Wood is a writer, speaker and researcher. He is currently director of technology of Ephox , a software product company. He has contributed to the evolution of the World Wide Web since 1999, especially in the formation of standards and technologies for the Semantic Web. He has architected key aspects of the Web to include the Persistent Uniform Resource Locator ( PURL ) service and several Semantic Web databases and frameworks. David is the author of numerous books on linked data and internet programming. He is currently working on his most ambitious tome yet: Humanity: An Unauthorized Biography. David brings years of hands-on experience in teaching various aspects of technology to undergraduate and graduate audiences. David is @prototypo in the virtual world